My Second Trip to Japan, October/November 1998


Trip Summary (11/3-11/5):

This is one of the most famous shrine in Japan, on the island of Miyajima
near Hiroshima. Most photos of this shrine are taken during high tide where
the Shrine is partially submerged in the sea - we visited during low tide.

This is a Snappy video capture of a footage I took of Mount Fuji aboard
a replica pirate ship sailing on Ashinoko (Lake Ashino) in Fuji-Hakone National
Park. Hakone is a popular tourist spot, especially for urbanites living in and
around the Tokyo area. Even though there's plenty of nature's beauty to see,
the park is somewhat commercialized, obviously catering to city slickers.

Kaminari Mon, or Thunder Gate is an entrance to the souvenir shopping area
in Asakusa, north of downtown Tokyo. This is a good place to buy gifts that are
specifically Tokyo in flavor, for both Japanese and foreign tourists.

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